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Do batteries come with the dispenser?

No. DISPENSE requires four AA batteries to operate, so make sure you stock up on batteries before your order arrives. Please note that the dispenser only works with regular batteries. Not rechargeable batteries.

Do I need to use foaming soap with the dispenser?

No. DISPENSE recommends using our foaming soap and foaming sanitiser products to ensure you get the best experience with your dispenser. However, you can also use your own soap. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the manual and mix non-foaming soap with water, in a ratio of 1 soap : 5 water. Note that if our soap and sanitiser products are not used, we are not liable for any issues that occur with the unit.

Do you ship worldwide?

No. We currently only ship to addresses within Australia.

What scent is your foam and sanitiser?

Great question! Our foaming soap smells like peppermint and our foaming sanitiser smells like lemongrass. They’re both super fresh and will leave your hands smelling nice and clean. You can also check out our latest seasonal 1L soap scents which are released every four months.

Can I purchase refills of the soap and sanitiser?

Yes, just check out our 'shop now' page.